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Cool widget for his last book!!! 
12:22pm 26/01/2009
mood: ecstatic
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02:41pm 14/11/2008
  Hi, I'm reading Playing for Pizza now and I really enjoy it. Has anyone read it? And do you think it's going to be filmed? Who do you think is good to play Rick?

01:03am 11/11/2008
mood: awake
Hey there. I'm a newbie so I thought I'd post here since no one has in ages. I'm a big John Grisham fan and have been for 7 years now, since I was 14. I've probably read just over half of his books, most of them being his legal thrillers.

1. Favorite John Grisham Book? The Innocent Man, A Time to Kill

2. What book got you into John Grisham? The Firm. I found it in my high school library and couldn't put it down.

3. Least favorite book by John Grisham? Bleachers

4. First John Grisham Book You Read? The Firm

5. Other favorite authors: Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, James Frey, Alice Sebold, John Marsden, Stephenie Meyer
10:55pm 14/12/2005
mood: chipper
so anybody see christmas with the kranks ( film version of skipping christmas). opinions? ( I loved it, along the affleck's survivin christmas. yes, i know most people hated these movies, but so what?)

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saw this on amazon.com 
12:34am 08/07/2005
mood: curious

12:28pm 30/06/2005
mood: anxious
Hi Everybody (Hi Doctor Nick!)! How is everyone? I've read about half of John Grishams books and I absolutely LOVE him!

1. Favorite John Grisham Book? The Last Juror

2. What book got you into John Grisham? A Time To Kill

3. Least favorite book by John Grisham? I don't know, I really liked them all.

4. First John Grisham Book You Read? The Brethren

5. Other favorite authors: Nora Roberts, V.C. Andrews, Maeve Binchy, and Stephen King.
07:35pm 28/02/2005
  Can anyone recommend another author who writes in the same sort of style and plot lines as John Grisham?  
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The Broker 
10:41pm 21/02/2005
  Did anyone found the Broker a bit disappointing?
I found that the book was a bit rushed in some parts, and dragging in others (esp Blackman's journey in learning Italian).
None the less, still a Grisham fan.
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hello new here 
11:46pm 16/02/2005
mood: tired
hello, saw this community and decided to join out of curiousty ( and cuz i'm a grisham fan) i'll post more when i can.
08:06pm 10/01/2005
mood: curious
hey everyone!!

I am a fan of john grisham but i couldnt get into bleachers....anyone else feel the same?
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The new person 
12:53am 28/12/2004
mood: amused
I started to read his books a week ago I bought 'The Last Juror' and finished it in two days.. then went to the store and bought the Client and The Brethren and I believe I am hooked.. these things are addictive.. they are amazing I am already on page 100 of The client.. it is amazing as well. I heard the movies suck compared to the boooks. I am determined to read every one can't wait til the new one comes out in Januaray 'The Broker'
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03:37pm 17/10/2004
  Check out the John Grisham article on http://www.yourapathy.net

newbie here. 
02:07am 01/10/2004
  hi, just join the club.
i started to read john grisham's novel a few years back and 'the firm' is the first book that i read. he is such a talented writer and i was hook after that. i've read practically every novel of his except a painted house, skipping christmas and the last juror. i'm currently reading 'bleachers'.
frankly speaking, i don't think those movies are as good as the novel, i'm always disappointed after watching.
well, nice meeting u guys.
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Just Joined... 
02:43am 29/08/2004
  John Grisham is my favorite writer. I started with The Testament. Not even knowing what an amazing author he was. Since January, I've read A Time To Kill, A Painted House, The Client, and The Bretheren. I just started The Runaway Jury. I saw some of the movie, but not enough to either ruin the book nor discuss the movie. I think my favorite is A Painted House. It was written about John Grisham, like an autobiography but incorporates some folklore he heard as a child. He's an amazing story teller, taking the role of old men and 9 year old boys, and still manages to keep the superbly realistic. =D Thanks.  
02:22pm 13/08/2004
  hey im new to this group....i just finished reading 'the king of torts', not bad, but cant even be compared to 'a time to kill'. the ending seemed similar to that of 'the rainmaker', if anyone's read both and knows what im talkin about. i just started 'the last juror' yesterday. yupyupyup  
02:21pm 08/02/2004
  Hey, I'm new here.
My fave books by John Grisham would have to be The Street Lawyer, A Time to Kill, The Partner and The Testament.. (and all the others I very much enjoyed.)

I have noticed when his books cross over to movies, the movies seem to leave out key elements from the books, as in The Firm.. I didn't like the movie at all.. But maybe it was just me...

stay safe everyone
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04:17pm 15/01/2004
  does anyone know where i can get a good summary of the partner?  
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09:29pm 29/12/2003
  Hey everyone im new and I love John Grisham's books but i havent read all of them :(. My favorite so far is The Testament. Thanks bye  
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01:38am 22/12/2003
mood: blah
aloha. John Grisham is my altime favorite author, ive read all his books multiple times, i used to have a friends lj, but i finally got my own. has anyone read bleachers? hes gone wayyyyyy downhill since king of torts. I forced myself to read that, just because it was grisham. well, partner=all time favorite, followed by the runaway jury and the street lawyer.
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02:53am 31/08/2003
  I was wondering? Does anyone know if Gene Hackman is Grisham's Favorite actor? So far, he has been in two of his movies, and he's going to be in the newest one "The Runaway Jury"?

I think he's the only actor who has stared in multiple Grisham movies....